Tension Soars In Minneapolis Over Another Death Of Young Black Man

Tension Soars In Minneapolis Over Another Death Of Young Black Man

Protests, clashes with the police, use of tear gas, businesses robbed , deployment of the National Guard. .. The scenes that took place last year in Minneapolis after the death at the hands of George Floyd police returned to the city on Sunday after an agent in Brooklyn Center , a suburb just 15 kilometers from downtown, killed a shot Daunte Wright , another 20-year-old black man , who was allegedly stopped by police for a minor traffic violation.

That death lit the fuse in a city that already lives with enormous frustration and tension before the trial of Derek Chauvin , the first of the four former agents accused of Floyd’s death who is being tried and the one facing the most serious charges, murder in second and third degree and negligent homicide.

An air freshener in the rear view mirror
Police stopped Wright in his car Sunday at noon for carrying an air freshener hanging from the rear view mirror , according to the deceased’s mother, Katie Wright, whom the young man had called to ask about the vehicle’s insurance documentation. At that stop the agents, according to the police version , verified that he had an arrest warrant pending and tried to arrest him.

According to the video released Monday by local police, they had trouble handcuffing him and Wright took the opportunity to get back into the car . At that moment, an agent threatens to use her ” taser ” and shoots but not with the electric shock gun but with her firearm. Tim Gannon, the local police chief, has assured that it was an ” accidental discharge “. The agent is on administrative leave.

Wright continued driving injured until he collided with another car. The emergency services, after unsuccessfully trying to revive him, officially declared his death at the scene of the crash.

As the news began to spread, hundreds of people began to congregate in the afternoon outside the headquarters of the Brooklyn Center Police Department and tensions and clashes increased , in which the police used riot gear , tear gas bombs and bullets. rubber.

The nearly 500 protesters dispersed once they came to support the police officers of the National Guard, deployed in the city already for the trial of Chauvin. About 20 businesses were robbed in the area.

Third week of Floyd’s trial
Precisely this Monday, at the start of the third week of the Chauvin trial , the defense attorney for the former police officer, Eric Nelson, has tried to isolate the 12 members of the jury in the remainder of the process and prevent them from having access to the media of communication alleging that what happened on Sunday could influence them when issuing their verdict, increasing the ” fear ” that their decision will provoke protests or violence.

The judge presiding over the proceedings, Peter Cahill, has rejected that motion, stressing that they are different cases.

The trial has proceeded with other prosecution witnesses, including Floyd’s brother, Philonese, and cardiologist Jonathan Rich, who has said that Floyd’s death “absolutely could have been prevented” and has ruled out “with a high level of medical certainty. “Who died of cardiac arrest or drug overdose.

These are the two factors that Chauvin’s defense, which is expected to begin this Tuesday to summon his witnesses, tries to argue that they were definitive as the cause of Floyd’s death, but both police and medical experts called by the prosecution have pointed out to that he died from suffocation and the illegal use of deadly force by Chauvin .

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