Iran Blames Israel For Nuclear Terrorism For Natanz Power Plant Fire

Iran Blames Israel For Nuclear Terrorism For Natanz Power Plant Fire

First, this Sunday afternoon, the event was classified as an act of “nuclear terrorism.” In the early morning, the Natanz nuclear plant , in the Iranian desert of Isfahan , had a power failure that disabled the entire plant.

This Monday, Iran has already named the alleged responsible: Israel . According to Tehran , it was the Israelis who, in an act of sabotage, carried out a cyber attack to disable Natanz. “ The Zionists want revenge for our progress in getting the sanctions against us lifted …

They have publicly said that they will not allow it. But we will take our revenge against them , the Zionists, ”said Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif this Monday morning.. Iranian officials generally never refer to Israel, their number one enemy, by their official name, but always use the term Zionist, which they use disparagingly.

This is not the first time that Iran has denounced Israeli acts on Persian territory. Last summer, in the same nuclear power plant, a fire was declared also caused, according to the Iranian version, by a cyberattack . As on this occasion, they were blamed: the Natanz plant is the most important in Iran, and the one with the most capacity to enrich uranium , which is essential if the nuclear bomb is to be built .

Furthermore, in the fall of 2020, on a highway north of Tehran, Mohsen Fajrizadeh , head of the Iranian nuclear program, was shot to death . The person responsible, according to Iran, was the same as always: Israel.

Neither confirms nor denies
“If you believe our position in the negotiations has been weakened, in fact, with this cowardly act , we are stronger,” said Zarif this Monday, referring to the talks that are taking place this week in Vienna, Austria , between US delegations. , Iranian and European.

“There has been no contamination or injuries, but this event could have caused a disaster. It could be considered a crime against humanity, ”his spokesman said in a statement to Iranian media.

At the moment, as usual, Israel has not claimed responsibility for what happened. But he has not denied being behind either. Benjamin Netanyahu , the Israeli prime minister, referred to the event on Sunday. It was quite cryptic: “The fight against Iran and its allies… is a huge task . That things are one way now does not mean that they will stay that way in the future, “Netanyahu said.

Meanwhile, talks to resume relations between the US and Iran continue in Vienna. Although both parties remain very distant, the two delegations have assured that the talks are being constructive .

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