Four a day Is Renewed With Seven New Sections

Four a day Is Renewed With Seven New Sections

‘Four a day’ is renewed with seven new sections and the signing of Boro Barber.

The journalist makes the leap from ‘En el punto de mira’ to Cuatro’s daily magazine to join his team of reporters.

‘Four a day’ is reformed from this next Monday with important news. The daily magazine presented by Joaquín Prat introduces 7 new sections and signs Boro Barber , current reporter for ‘En el punto de mira’, who will lead ‘El Hunter’s cards’, as announced by Mediaset in a press release.

In this section, the journalist will have the mission of detecting and denouncing those anonymous people and public and private officials who carry out reprehensible actions for their own benefit.

Those who have decided to skip the vaccination shifts determined by the authorities, those who travel with false permits, professional scammers, among others, will become the target of the new collaborator of the Unicorn Content format (‘The AR program’, ‘Ya es noon ‘,’ In the spotlight ‘).

Social denunciation, science, nutrition, consumption, humor and curiosities will be the themes of the other six new sections that will premiere from next week in ‘Cuatro a día’, which will also increase its live broadcasts with the program’s drone to expand news coverage on the ground.

The other new sections of ‘Cuatro a Día’
– ‘In the open’ : from the hand of different experts and popularizers, the program will try to shed light and reveal curious details about the great challenges and advances in the field of science and experimentation.

– ‘The eye of Santi’ : Santi Villas will approach from his particular point of view, characterized by irony, the most outstanding issues of today.

– ‘ How I eat ‘: from the hand of different nutrition experts and food technologists, the program will try to solve doubts and give different clues about healthy eating habits.

– ‘Your energy up to date’ : the expert on energy issues Jorge Morales de Labra will provide a series of keys and tips to achieve savings in energy consumption from day to day.

– ‘ Body Shock’: characters with curious or peculiar features who want to tell their story will be the protagonists of this section.

– ‘The week of…’: the most outstanding news of the week will be approached in a humorous way by a series of young stand-up comedians.

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